Advertisers in Prosper Magazine are benefiting from some pretty unique interactive features...

PROSPER Magazine is the West Midland's longest-running business publication. After 30 years of continuous print publication, The Black Country Chamber took the bold step to completely rebrand the magazine in 2019, and transform into a premium-quality business title with content aimed at a much wider business audience.

PROSPER Magazine | Mobile-Friendly Publishing

Issue 01 of the new PROSPER Magazine was launched in September 2019 with the addition of a unique, interactive digital magazine designed specifically for mobile users. With over 74% of under 40's turning to their mobile device to consume editorial content, the need for a digital magazine to be 'mobile-friendly' is essential and PROSPER Online ticks all of the boxes (and more).

Utilising a bespoke digital publishing platform created by the team at Interactive Magazines, PROSPER Online transforms each the magazine's printed pages (including Display Adverts) into immersive, interactive reading experiences. IM's digital publishing platform includes an array of pretty cool interactive features, all designed to inspire reader interaction and widen audience reach.

Let's take a look at the benefits of these interactive features for Advertisers...

VIDEO CONTENT: The ability to add video files to our advertising pages not only enhances the user experience but has a direct impact on online promotion and new customer reach. PROSPER videos are linked to YouTube which means they automatically benefit from enhanced search engine visibility in Google. By leveraging YouTube's enhanced SEO opportunities, PROSPER advertisers benefit from a far greater opportunity to attract new customers who are already searching for products and service within their sector.

DIRECT ENQUIRY FORMS: Every advertising page within PROSPER Online includes a unique Enquiry Form which is linked directly to the advertiser themselves! By seizing the moment and allowing readers to react to advertising promotions directly from the magazine page, we provide advertisers with a much higher chance of securing enquiries. All enquiries from PROSPER Online are sent straight to our advertisers allowing them to respond instantly and convert enquiries into sales!

NEW SUBSCRIBER FORMS: Online marketing is an integrated process and PROSPER Online's Enquiry Forms include a tick box giving readers the option to be added to the Advertiser's email marketing database. Each enquiry or new subscription goes directly to the advertiser and is logged by PROSPER. At the end of each month, a detailed report is provided to advertisers providing tangible response rate data and the ability to contact any enquiries that may have been missed?

DYNAMIC IMAGE GALLERIES: They say that a picture paints a thousand words and, when it comes to online marketing, images are everything! PROSPER Online not only allows advertisers to include additional images to their digital page but, each image has the option to include a dynamic caption and unique web link. Allowing readers to peruse images of products, venue or services with the ability to click straight through to a web page where they can make a purchase, is a pretty powerful feature!

SOCIAL MEDIA SHARING: One of the biggest limitations of a printed magazine is readership and this is where a digital publication comes into its own! PROSPER Online utilises a web-based publishing platform, which means all of our pages have their own unique URL allowing them to be directly linked to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Each advertising page within PROSPER Online includes a selection of Social Sharing Buttons allowing readers to instantly share page content across their own social media networks.

DOCUMENT DOWNLOADS: PROSPER Online allows readers to download documents and files straight from the magazine page in the click of a button. This feature is extremely beneficial for advertisers who want to share additional reading such as Company Brochures and Product Catalogues or drive new business with instant access to Order Forms, Application Forms and Contracts.

WEBSITE & EMAIL LINKS: All advertising pages in PROSPER Online include a simple email link and an external website link that can be connected to a specific website page or promotional landing page of the advertiser's choice. Individual website link clicks are recorded to provide advertisers with tangible response data.

When it comes to proactive advertising, PROSPER Magazine offers advertisers an unprecedented level of tools and opportunities. The highly-acclaimed printed publication has quickly become the most talked-about business title in the region and is read by all of the West Midland's key business influencers and decision-makers.

The addition of PROSPER's unique digital magazine not only provides readers with an immersive online reading experience but provides advertisers with an unrivalled level of new business opportunities.

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